Piring Full Movie (2015)

Piring (Blindfold) is a 2015 Philippine independent drama film written and directed by Carlos Morales. The film stars Yussef Estevez, Rhoanne Aguilar, and Joseph Bitangcol in the leading roles. It was produced by HD Productions and BigDreams Production.

Piring Plot

James is a gym instructor by day and a student by night, who struggles to keep both ends meet. Standing as the family breadwinner, he is determined to make a difference in his troubled family.

He and his three siblings grew up without knowing who their father is, while their mother is a retired prostitute who runs a whore house. James works hard to graduate.

Piring Cast

Yussef Estevez, Rhoanne Aguilar, Joseph Bitangcol, Patrick Dela Rosa, Krista Miller, Teri Onor, Gene Padilla, Biboy Ramirez, Bembol Roco, Rocky Salumbides, Tessie Tomas

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