Pasang Krus Full Movie (2009)

Pasang Krus is an Indie unconventional drama movie produced in 2009 with Rosanna Roces taking the lead role, while Melissa Mendez shares special participation.

Produced and directed by Neal ‘Buboy’Tan, the film stars Ketchup Eusebio, Joross Gamboa, Beejay Morales, and Empress Schuck.  Incidentally, Pasang Krus is the title of a 1957 movie produced by Octavio Silos, staring Luis Gonzales, Rita Gomez, and Rosa Mia.

Pasang Krus Movie Plot

At the center of this movie is Herminia (Rosanna Roces), a pregnant mother with her other four children. She witnesses the torture and murder of her husband by henchmen of a land-grabbing politician due to land ownership disputes. After a hunt by the henchmen, Herminia flees her hometown (Isabela) with her four kids and ends up in Metro Manila.

In the escape process, her only daughter and the eldest son-whom his mother entrusted a bag with documents such as a land ownership certificate- get separated from her. Later, the youngest child is born in the parking lot and Herminia ends up living in city slums with her three children. Fifteen years later, the three boys go astray as their mother tries to make ends meet.

One of her sons (Ketchup Eusebio) turns into a crime life by becoming a kidnapper and a robber. Another one (Christian Burke), is in prison for killing his wife while the youngest son (JB Morales) becomes a drug dealer. As tragedies and misfortunes befall her, she never lost faith and hope in God.

Pasang Krus Movie Cast

Rosanna Roces , Joross Gamboa, Ketchup Eusebio, Empress Schuck, Beejay Morales, Christian Burke, Maricar Santos, Melissa Mendez, Jao Mapa, Jethro Ramirez, Tita Swarding, Gino Gathalian, Jet Alcantara, Jordan Castillo, Danny Labra, Chery Domingo, Banjo Romero, Jacky Salagoste, Joyce Sabillano, Mariella Sabillano, Toi Makoto, Pipoy Jr., Ivy Batulahar, Patrick Palmario, Homer Jose, Irene Cledera, Jackie Opelas and many more.

Pasang KrusFull Movie

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