Pantasya Full Movie (2017)

Pantasya is a 2007 Filipino gay drama film directed by Brillante Mendoza and written by Boots Agbayani Pastor. It stars Arthur Estrella, Rov Roxas, and Mark Dionisio among others. The film was produced and distributed by Rollingball Entertainment.

Pantasya Plot

Pantasya is about loneliness, the desire to belong, and the daydreaming that comes as a result.

The film consists of five monologues presented by five lonely guys in their 20’s. Each one of them has a situation-based fantasy. Most of them involve their own jobs (taxi driver, pizza delivery boy, guard). And it’s hardly so that they are dreaming about having sex with themselves.

Another one longs to become part of a basketball team or any other closely-knit group of people for that matter.

The closest we get to the supposed premise of the film is in the second segment where the guy has a dream of getting it off with a couple of workmen who’ve come to his house to do some repairs, also easily the cheesiest segment of all five.

Pantasya Cast

Arthur Estrella, Rov Roxas, Mark Dionisio, Harold Montano, Kiko Montenegro, Kervin Castillo, Dexter Castro, Brent Lorenzo

Watch Pantasya Full Movie

We don’t have a copy of this film but you can watch a similar bold movie below titled “Isla Verde”.

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