Pan de Salawal Full Movie

Pan de Salawal Movie stars Bodjie Pascua and Miel Espinoza cures sick people in a poor community simply by hurting them. Produced by CineFocus Productions and directed by Che Espiritu, this heartwarming indie drama film won 4 awards at the 2018 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, including Best Director, Best Original Music Score for Len Calvo, Special Jury Prize for Acting for child actors Miel Espiritu and JM Salvado.

Pan de Salawal Movie Plot Summary

The movie title refers to “pan de sal,” a Filipino bread, while ‘salawal’ refers to undies. Bodjie Pascua plays Salvador, nicknamed Sal, a 78-year old lonely baker with a kidney ailment.

On the other hand, Miel Espinoza plays Aguy, a 7-year old homeless girl who likes to put her undies on her head like a hat. She has healing powers but she has to hurt the patient to cure them. Incidentally, Aguy is a Visayan term for ‘Ouch.’

Aguy and Sal first met on a railroad where the latter used to stay and started to become friends. As they wander around the neighborhood, Aguy cured several residents by pinching or slapping them on the face. This includes a barber with trembling hands, a paralyzed elderly woman, a butcher who has a chest tumor, and his son who has a limp. In general, this magical movie inspires us to help others while facing our own challenges.

And in case you did not know, Bodjie Pascua is known for his iconic role as Kuya Bodjie, a character-defunct children’s educational TV show Batibot.

Pan de Salawal Movie Cast

Bodjie Pascua, Miel Espinoza, Madeleine Nicolas, Soliman Cruz, Ruby Ruiz, Anna Luna, Felix Roco, Ian Lomongo, JM Salvado, Lorenzo Aguila

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