Pailalim Full Movie (2019)

Pailalim is a 2019 Filipino crime-drama film about the struggling life of a gravedigger. The film was written and directed by Daniel Palacio and starring Joem Bascon, Mara Lopez, and Grace Ann Betalmos among others. It was produced and distributed by Centerstage Productions.

Pailalim Plot

Bangis, a gravedigger living inside a cemetery mausoleum, is pushed to the limit when his daughter becomes critically ill. With no other means to bring her to a hospital for proper medication, he’s left with one option: to steal a newly buried corpse for money, and hope everything is not too late for his beloved daughter.

Pailalim Cast

Joem Bascon, Mara Lopez, Grace Ann Betalmos, Ryan Sandoval, Jalyn Perez, Jun Nayra, Elijah Filamor, Conan Altatis

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