Pagbalik Full Movie (2019)

Pagbalik (Return) is a 2019 Filipino Independent drama film starring Gloria Sevilla, the Queen of Visayan Film. Directed by Hubert Tibi and Suzette Ranillo, the film is produced by PRO.PRO and Nuances Entertainment Production in cooperation with Wildsound.

Pagbalik is in the Cebuano language with English subtitles and is shown in black and white to highlight the emotions of the characters and the storyline.

Pagbalik Movie Plot

The film revolves around the cohesive relationship of three family members; Choleng who is played by Gloria Sevilla is a languishing grandmother that gives the impression of being unaware of the silent pain of her grandchild and daughter; Rica, played by the director Suzette Ranillo is a hardworking OFW mom who is inclined to sacrifice for her family; and Vince played by Vincent Ranillo is a devoted and responsible son who is seeking for the affection of his mother and who is also struggling to take good care of his grandmother.

Similar to other films, the casts of Pagbalik also have their ups and downs in film. The basis of Pagbalik is luscious for melodrama but Suzette Ranillo was unable to elaborate anything out of the blend of subtle politics and household repressions due to its lethargic sequences of very compact emotional weight.

Unfortunately, Pagbalik is stuck at the degree of lazily scanning through the thinnest storylines with several performers failing to act with depth

Pagbalik Movie Cast

Gloria Sevilla, Maria Suzette Ranillo, Vince Ranillo, Alora Sasam, Kenneth Sabijon, and Armanklyde Rodriguez

Pagbalik Full Trailer

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