Otlum Full Movie (2018)

Otlum (multo), (ghost) spelled backward, is a 2018 Philippines suspense-drama horror film about revenge and yearning for belongingness. The film was directed by Joven Tan and was written by Tan and Mike Tan. It stars John Estrada, Ricci Rivero, and Jerome Ponce in the leading roles. The movie was produced and distributed by Horseshoe Studios

Otlum Movie Plot

Fred, who has never felt a strong connection with his family and other people around him, seeks to join a group of friends—a mix of spoiled brats and nice students—composed of Allan, Dindo, Verna, and Caloy.

After a series of arguments that led to tension within the barkada, the four teens eventually decide to let Fred in—on one condition: He must stay in an abandoned and decrepit orphanage for a night.

Though it seemed easy at first, Fred finds out that the place has a dark past and is shrouded in mystery.

Otlum Movie Cast

John Estrada, Ricci Rivero, Jerome Ponce, Buboy Villar, Pen Medina, Irma Adlawan, Michelle Vito, Vitto Marquez, Danzel Fernandez, Kiray Celis, Alfonso Yñigo Delen, Kimi Hamzic, Ping Medina, Jairus Aquino, Vivoree Esclito

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