OFW The Movie (2019)

Based on true stories, OFW The Movie is a 2019 Filipino drama-advocacy film depicting the lives of five separate Filipino overseas workers in inspirational tales of success.

Directed by Neal Tan and produced by Jose Olinares Jr., the movie aims to highlight the positive outcomes of working abroad. It is narrated by Arnell Ignacio who was once a member of the OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration).

OFW The Movie Plot

Ofelia, Josie, and Feliza (played by Sanchez, Bautista, and Medina, respectively) decide to move abroad in order to provide better lives for their families back home.

Ofelia in the UAE, Josie in Singapore, and Feliza in Canada— are hired as domestic workers in lands unfamiliar to them in the hopes of surpassing their struggles and achieving their dreams for themselves and their loved ones.

Oscar and Norman are fathers that had to leave their families behind to seek employment overseas. Oscar (played by Vasquez) moves to Dubai and lands a job as a concrete worker trying to somehow rise through the ranks and support his family through hard work and determination.

While Norman (played by Rosell) is a contract worker in the Middle East who encounters many fellow Filipinos going to jail for reckless behavior. He decides to dedicate his time teaching them how to survive in a foreign land, as well as the power of embracing pain and struggle.

OFW The Movie Cast

Sylvia Sanchez, Kakai Bautista, Dianne Medina, Rafael Rosell, Christian Vasquez, Regine Tolentino, Helga Krapf, Angelica Santiago, Manuel Chua, Mel Kimura, Baby Go, Uno Santiago, Regine Angeles, John Regala, Mark Neumann, Miggs Cuaderno, Chad Osorio

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