Oda Sa Wala Full Movie (2018)

Oda sa Wala is a 2018 Philippine drama film written and directed by Dwein Baltazar and stars Dido de la Paz, Anthony Falcon, and Joonee Gamboa. It was produced by QCinema, Black Sheep, and Epicmedia.

Oda Sa Wala Movie Plot

Oda sa Wala revolves around Sonya, played by Marietta Subong in a career-redefining turn. As an old maid who runs a funeral parlor on her own, she displays a comfortable familiarity with death. Her special occupation sets her apart from others, but not in a good way.

She lives a lonely life, spending her days idly looking out the window or tapping fingers on her shop desk, listening to Mò Lì Huā, barely talking with Mang Rudy, her father, and the only other soul in their house.

As far as the townspeople are concerned, she comes to existence only when others die. She makes the dead presentable, but when she tries to present herself, she fails to draw the living’s attention. Even when she tries to cast brightness, she entices nothing but decay, misfortune, and evil, like a white light spoiled by insects.

Oda Sa Wala Movie Cast

Dido de la Paz, Anthony Falcon, Joonee Gamboa, Pokwang

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