Nympha Full Movie (2003)

Nympha (2003) is a Filipino drama film by Celso Ad Castillio and produced by Regal Films, starring Maricar de Mesa as Nympha herself.

Castillo refuses to call the film a remake and the people are curious how different it is from his 1971 “Nympha”, which launched as a bomba star a previously unknown Zamboangueña named Rizza. He is determined to “resurrect” her in the person of Maricar de Mesa, much more than he ever was with any of the seductive stars of his “arousing” movies.

Nympha Plot

Nympha (Maricar de Mesa) is an orphan, found by Nana Issa (Gloria Diaz) and her brother Archie Ventosa floating on a bed of water lilies. Nana Issa who is utterly conservative and deeply religious offers Nympha to the Lord and forbids her to go outside the house except to go to church to hear Mass and pray all those novenas.

In the movie, Nympha struggles to rein in her lust through prayers which, unfortunately, aren’t powerful enough to make her resist the call of the flesh which she tries to satisfy by secretly going to bed with various men.

It is quite easy for Nympha to get her men, a carpenter (Cholo Medina) doing repair work at their house, a carabao-bound traveling salesman of native products (Joseph Hizon), and even the local boatman (Bing Victoria). The twist in this new version of “Nympha” is that Nympha is found dead in the cemetery with a slash on her neck. It is still kept in suspense as to who killed Nympha.

Nympha Cast

Maricar de Mesa, Gloria Diaz, Antonio Aquitania, Joseph Hizon, Dino Guevarra, Cholo Medina, Bing Victoria, John Apacible, Tirso Cruz III, Mar Garchitorena, Kim Erasga, Kess Burias, Rona Reyes, Tom Olivar, Jon Romano, Delia Saraza, Joe Baltazar, Conrad Magnaye, Noel Magnaye, Gerry Poso, Pat Salem, Lexus Page, Rufino Antirola, Alex Guzman.

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