New Generation Heroes Full Movie (2017)

New generation Heroes is a 2017 Philippine drama film that focuses on the life of teachers and unprivileged students. It stars Aiko Melendez, Jao Mapa, and Joyce Peñas. The film was directed by Anthony Hernandez and written by him and Ryan Tibay. It was produced and distributed by Golden Tiger Films.

New Generation Heroes Movie Plot

New Generation Heroes tackle values formation, rights to proper education, giving importance to teachers and people who dedicate themselves to teaching. The film tells the story of Salvacion Fajardo, a retired teacher, whose dedication as an educator didn’t give her enough time to build her own family.

The film focuses as well on Gener, a street smart who only finished Grade 5. Gener and her sister Ana were orphaned early in life so they fended for each other’s needs. Gener, as a street child, was educated by his environment and decided to act on advocacy he thought might help others like him. He is asking for book donations that he will use to help fellow street children learn how to read and write.

Gener will meet Salvacion and together will pursue his dream to help others. Meanwhile, Lolita, an efficient teacher, tries to do everything to make both ends meet to support her children one of whom has cerebral palsy.

 Generation Heroes Movie Cast

Aiko Melendez, Jao Mapa, Joyce Peñas, Anita Linda, Gloria Sevilla, Rob Sy, Aleera Montalla, Alvin Duckert, JM Del Rosario, AJ Fuentes, Dexter Doria

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