Nasaan ang Puso Full Movie (1997)

Nasaan ang Puso Movie stars Maricel Soriano, Christopher De Leon, and Judy Ann Santos. Produced by MAQ Productions, a story by Lily Monteverde, and directed by Chito S. Roño, this family drama movie earned 26 major awards nominations from various award-giving bodies, and won 14 of them, wherein 10 of them were won at the 1997 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Nasaan ang Puso Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Maricel Soriano plays Joy, a loving wife of lawyer Dave (Christopher De Leon), and the daughter of Edgardo (Ronaldo Valdez) and Elena (Gina Pareño). She has a younger sister Ria (Judy Ann Santos) and half-brother Angelito (Spencer Reyes). But while she has no problems in terms of money and in her love life, Joy’s family has a dark past. When Joy was young, Elena had another man and Edgardo left her and brought Joy with him.

And because Joy wants to have a happy family, she planned a family reunion and convinced her father to forgive her mother. However, Edgardo refused especially since Elena has a son Angelito with the other man. When Elena died of illness, Edgardo still refused to forgive her. Joy took home her siblings but her father did not agree, and the situation got worse.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Nasaan ang Puso Movie:

1998 FAMAS Awards

* Best Actress (Maricel Soriano)

1998 FAP Awards

* Best Actress (Maricel Soriano)
* Best Supporting Actor (Ronaldo Valdez)
* Best Screenplay (Roy Iglesias)

1997 Metro Manila Film Festival

* Best Film
* Best Director (Chito S. Roño)
* Best Actor (Christopher De Leon)
* Best Actress (Maricel Soriano)
* Best Supporting Actor (Ronaldo Valdez)
* Best Editing (Jaime Davila)
* Best Screenplay (Roy Iglesias)
* Best Musical Score (Jesse Lasaten)
* Best Sound Recording (Albert Idiona, Ronaldo Asis and Arnold Reodica)
* Gatpuno Antonio J. Villegas Cultural Awards

Nasaan ang Puso Movie Cast

Maricel Soriano, Christopher De Leon, Ronaldo Valdez, Judy Ann Santos, Spencer Reyes, Gina Pareño, Luis Gonzales, Efren Reyes Jr, Dexter Doria, Mandy Ochoa, Manny Distor, Winnie Cordero, Gammy Viray, Vic Belano, Mon Confiado, Archi Adamos, Jerry O’Hara, Elaine Lozano, Peewee O’Hara, and many more.

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