Nang Mamulat Si Eba Part 2 Full Movie (1997)

Nang Mamulat si Eba: Part 2 is a Philippine drama film released in 1997 and produced by of Seiko Films. It features Rosanna Roces in the leading role, along with actors Anton Bernardo and Franco Zobel. The film picks up from the events of the 1992 film, Nang Gabing Mamulat si Eba.

The late film director Abbo de la Cruz used the screen name Rico Mambo as a means to separate his other projects from his usual thought-provoking cinematic endeavors.

Nang Mamulat Si Eba Part 2 Movie Plot

Following the events of the 1992 film, the tomboyish Digna (now played by Rosanna Roces) has a relationship with the lovely village ingenue Isabel (Deborah Carpio).

When Isabel’s uncle becomes ill, Digna finds ways to help the woman she loves. Isabel, while grateful, starts expressing her unease about their romance.

Meanwhile, two newcomers arrive in town: Nestor (Anton Bernardo, who is attracted to Digna despite her butch demeanor, and Patrick (Franco Zobel), who once went to high school with Isabel. Nestor tries to win over Digna, while Patrick attempts to woo Isabel.

Using her means of livelihood as collateral, Digna was able to raise money for Isabel’s sick uncle. Realizing, however, that the more she is indebted to Digna, the harder it will be for her to break off the relationship, Isabel confides in Patrick.

To pay off her own debts, Digna was able to enlist the assistance of Nestor, who rebuffs her advances when she offered to sleep with him as payment. Digna confronts Isabel, however, after discovering that she has been entertaining suitors. After an otherwise rocky start, Isabel eventually falls for Patrick, and both decide to get married.

Dejected, Digna drowns her sorrows in alcohol. Nestor also confronts her, and the two end up sleeping together. After learning from her mother that she wasn’t always a tomboy, Digna has a change of heart at decides to finally pursue a relationship with Nestor.

Nang Mamulat Si Eba Part 2 Movie Cast

Top-billed actors are Rosanna Roces, Anton Bernardo, Gina Pareño, and Perla Bautista, Franco Zobel, and Deborah Carpio.

Other actors in the film include Renato del Prado, Ben Sagmit, Rusty Santos, Metring David, Cris Daluz, and Whitney Tyson. This is the first movie collaboration of Deborah Carpio and Anton Bernardo. They would also work together in the film Kesong Puti in 1999.

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