Nag-aapoy na Laman Full Movie (2000)

Nag-aapoy na Laman is a 2000 Philippine drama film directed by Don Escudero and written by veteran filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes.

The film stars Stars Zoren Legaspi, Ara Mina, and Matthew Mendoza among others. it was produced and distributed by Seiko Films.

Nag-aapoy na Laman Movie Storyline

A powerful tale of love, desire, and destruction as two men try to reclaim the woman of their dreams.

Nag-aapoy na Laman Movie Cast

Zoren Legaspi, Ara Mina, Matthew Mendoza, Pinky Amador, Pocholo Montes, Ernie Zarate, Raymond Keannu, Alvin Anson, Froilan Sales, Leon Miguel, Mike Vergel, Paula Gomez, Patricia Danz

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