My Neighbor’s Wife Full Movie (2011)

My Neighbor’s Wife Movie stars Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca, and Carla Abellana. Produced by Regal Entertainment Inc and directed by Jun Lana, this sexy drama film earned 12 major awards nominations, including FAP Best Actress for Lovi Poe Best Supporting Actress for Carla Abellana, and Golden Screen Award Movie Director of the Year nomination for Jun Lana,

My Neighbor’s Wife Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Dennis Trillo plays Aaron, Lovi Poe as Giselle, Jake Cuenca as Bullet, and Carla Abellana as Jasmine. Aaron and Giselle are a couple, so as Bullet and Jasmine, and the four of them are friends. Bullet is a bar owner, Jasmine gets jealous when her husband flirts with his lady customers. The couple has a young son Tommy (Yogo Singh), while Aaron and Giselle are still working to have their own child.

Bullet and Jasmine came from rich families, while Aaron and Giselle are only working-class employees and the two couples live in the same condo building. Aaron gets a loan from Bullet so he can start an auto repair shop business, while Jasmine gives Giselle some of her jewelry. Bullet is a womanizer and Aaron covers him to Jasmine. But the real trouble started when Bullet and Giselle had a one-night stand and Jasmine learned about it. And no, the ending is not what you think it is.

My Neighbor’s Wife Movie Cast

Dennis Trillo, Lovi Poe, Jake Cuenca, Carla Abellana, Dimples Romana, Yogo Singh, Timmy Cruz, Katrina Halili, Princess Manzon, Alvin Fortuna, Eddie Cara, Eriguel Cara Eriguel, Shey Bustamante, April Sun, Jovic Monsod, Jovic Susim, Aries Go, Isaiah Ersty, Carmen Del Rosario, Lui Manansala and many more.

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