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ML Movie stars Tony Labrusca and Eddie Garica as a retired high-ranking police officer during the Martial Law era under the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos. Produced by Lonewolf Films and CMB Films Services Inc and directed by Benedict Mique Jr, this Pinoy indie drama film won a Best Actor award for Eddie Garcia and Best Editing award for Mikael Angelo Pestaño at the 2018 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

ML Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Tony Labrusca plays Carlo, a young college student while Eddie Garica plays Colonel de la Cruz, a retired Metrocom officer who is suffering from dementia. One day, Carlo needs to interview someone who has lived during Martial Law for his school project. He then asked his friends and they pointed him to their neighbor, Colonel de la Cruz, an old man who wears a soldier uniform wherever he goes.

When Colonel agreed to be interviewed, Carlo asked his girlfriend Pat (Lianne Valentin) and his best friend Jace (Henz Villaraiz) to accompanied him. But then, they were surprised that Colonel de la Cruz tied them up, beat them, and tortured them for no reason at all. It turned out that he used to torture student activists during Martial Law and has not yet moved on with his violent past.

ML Movie Cast

Eddie Garcia, Tony Labrusca, Lianne Valentin, Henz Villaraiz, Jojit Lorenzo, Rafa Siguion-Reyna, Chanel Latorre, Chrome Cosio, Richard Manabat, Maritess Joaquin, Kino Rementilla, Jindric Macapagal, Rissian Rein T. Adriano, Khalifa Floresta, Mila Talagtag, Anna Chuancheun, LJ Reyes

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