Miss Bulalacao Full Movie (2015)

Miss Bulalacao is a 2015 Philippine comedy, drama, and fantasy film written and directed by Ara Chawdhury. It stars Russ Ligtas, Chai Fonacier, and Tessie Tomas in the leading roles.

Miss Bulalacao was produced and distributed by Panumduman Pictures, EpicMedia, and Above the Line Productions.

Miss Bulalacao Plot

A drag princess gets pregnant following an alien abduction. Rumors of immaculate conception raise his status to the cult leader.

“Miss Bulalacao” is about a young drag queen, Dodong, who joins a barangay (village) gay pageant to gain acceptance in his father’s community. He instead faces hostility from his father, who chases him to a jungle, where he sobs to a lone bright star.

Miss Bulalacao Cast

Russ Ligtas, Chai Fonacier, Tessie Tomas, Ferdinand Mesias, Keith Deligero Nanette Inventor, Mon Confiado

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