Midnight Dancers Full Movie (1994)

Midnight Dancers is a 1994 Filipino crime drama film written by Ricardo Lee and directed by Mel Chionglo. It stars Alex Del Rosario, Gandong Cervantes, and Lawrence David among others.

The film was produced by Tangent Films International and distributed by Solar Pictures, Stance Company, and First Run Pictures, including Barsino Films.

Midnight Dancers Storyline

Three young and good-looking brothers live with and support their parents in Manila; they dance at the male Club Exotica and work as “call boys.”

Joel has a wife and child; he and Dennis are saving money to buy back lost family land.

Sonny has dropped out of university and sees dancing as a way to make money for now. Joel has a regular boyfriend as well; Sonny spends time with Michelle, a transvestite; Dennis and his pals steal car radios.

When their mother takes in a homeless youth who is not what he appears to be, a chain of events is set in motion that brings tragedy.

Is there any salvation in this late-night world of “macho dancing” and prostitution?

Midnight Dancers Movie Cast

Alex Del Rosario, Gandong Cervantes, Lawrence David, Luis Cortes, Richard Cassity, Danny Ramos, John Mendoza, Leonard Manalansan, Perla Bautista, Ryan Aristorenas,Soxy Topacio, Gino Paul Guzman, Maureen Mauricio

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