Mga Nagbabagang Labi Full Movie (1996)

Mga Nagbabagang Labi is a 1996 Filipino action movie starring Jestoni Alarcon and Jennifer Adriano-Molina (more famously known by her stage names “Rosanna Roces” and “Osang”).

The movie is directed by Victor Tango and produced by Seiko Films. This is the last film Rosanna Roces starred in while she was under contract to the now-defunct Seiko Films before she transitioned to more serious acting roles with Reyna Films.

Mga Nagbabagang Labi Movie Plot

The movie opens with a bereaved police officer Dindo Valdez played by Jestoni Alarcon guzzling a bottle of rum while in the middle of a secret operation against a ring of kidnappers. Firing shots against his superior’s directives, his senior officer Sandoval reprimanded him.

Meanwhile, in the criminal syndicate’s headquarters, Balboa played by Daniel Fernando is plotting to kill Imperial, the head of their syndicate.

Balboa coerced Sandoval to do the dirty job. Sandoval instructed Valdez to do the killing. Once Imperial was eliminated, Balboa took over Imperial’s place as head of the criminal syndicate while his henchmen hunted down Valdez to make him the fall guy.

Enraged by the setup, Valdez kidnapped Balboa’s girlfriend Carol. Valdez found out that Carol was kept by Balboa against her will. They soon fell in love with each other which, in turn, infuriated Balboa even more. A series of deaths and gunfights ensued.

Mga Nagbabagang Labi Movie Cast

Jestoni Alarcon, Rosanna Roces, Daniel Fernando, Sheila Ysrael, Marita Zobel, Manjo del Mundo, Zandro Zamora, Edwin Reyes, Jimbo Salazar, Mike Castillo, Joy Viado, Bon Vibar, Usman Hassim, Resty Alvarez, Mae-Ann Adonis, Freddie Ondra, Leo Lazaro, Tony Bagyo, Rolly Lapid and many more.

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