Menor De Edad Full Movie (2013)

Menor De Edad is a 2013 Filipino drama film written by Raquel Villavicencio and directed by Joel Lamangan under Viva Films.

Menor De Edad Movie Plot

High school student Jen Guilarman lives in misery with her abusive mother and her mom’s lesbian lover. Looking for some escape, she aims to join an all-girl gang which first requires her to undergo a sexual rite.

Jen only has one man in mind, and that is her teacher Ariel Basco who has always been sympathetic to her. Suddenly, Jen cries rape and gets her teacher arrested. But behind her tragic fate is a dark truth.

Fifteen-year-old Jen doesn’t have a very happy life – bullied by classmates, dumped by her boyfriend, and picked on by her mom. Seeking comfort in a violent gang of girls led by her cousin, and in the arms of her Filipino teacher Ariel, things turn sour as he rejects her advances, and soon both are caught in lies that will change their lives forever.

Menor De Edad Movie Cast

Meg Imperial, Ara Mina, Wendell Ramos, Chynna Ortaleza, Almira Muhlach, JC Parker, Jim Pebanco, Mico Aytona, Anna Luna, Jef Gaitan, Pio Balbuena, Arvic Rivero, Raquel Villavicencio,

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