Mater Dolorosa Full Movie (2012)

Mater Dolorosa is an award-winning Filipino drama film that was initially released in 2012. Starred by Gina Alajar as the titular character, the film garnered 4 wins and 28 nominations across different categories from several award-giving bodies, including a nomination for the Big Screen Award in the IFFR.

The movie was directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. and was produced by Cinema One Originals and Phoenix Pictures.

Mater Dolorosa Movie Plot

Gina Alajar plays the character Lourdes Lagrimas, a mother of four who succumbed to the call to take over the crime empire that her husband established before being gunned down. By Joseph’s (Cogie Domingo) dealership of car parts that are illegally sourced, Eli’s (Carlo Aquino) running of a gambling ring and involvement with drugs, and Fatima’s (Alessandra de Rossi) misuse of her power as a cop to protect their unlawful ways, Lourdes’ children contributed to the empire.

Their lives took a left turn when the mayor and his son entered the picture, interested in lord over the businesses the Lagrimas’ were leading.

Lourdes is forced to contemplate on whether she should keep going or retire for good when just before New Year, a counterattack was launched against them that led to the demise of her youngest child, Benjamin (Felix Roco), whom she always tried to keep safe.

Mater Dolorosa Movie Cast

Gina Alajar, Carlo Aquino, Alessandra de Rossi, Cogie Domingo, Felix Roco, Anita Linda, Rosanna Roces, Evelyn Vargas, Menggie Cobarrubias, Joem Bascon, Mercedes Cabral, Alwyn Uytingco, Kristoffer King, Jess Mendoza, Phillip Salvador, and many more.

Mater Dolorosa Full Movie Trailer

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