Maskara Full Movie (2015)

Maskara is a 2015 Philippine drama film written and directed by Genesis Nolasco with Sal de la Tierra as co-writer. The film stars Ina Feleo, Lance Raymundo, and Ping Medina in the leading roles. It was produced by Communication Foundation for Asia

Maskara Plot

The Philippines is being geared up to be interconnected through a system called One Wired Nation (OWN). This would allow faster and easier access to information across the country, from the smallest barangay to MalacaƱang.

With OWN, progress is inevitable, says Bert Javelo from Prime Connections, the company that won the contract to build and manage OWN. Bert promises instant service and progress to the country. But Pia Gorospe is not convinced and smells something wrong

Maskara Cast

Ina Feleo, Lance Raymundo, Ping Medina, Lester Llansang, Menggie Cobarrubias, Bernard Factor Canaberal,Boots Anson-Roa

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