Marineros Full Movie (2019)

Marineros: Men in the Middle of the Sea is a 2019 Filipino drama film by Anthony Hernandez and released on September 20, 2019, The film presents the struggles of Filipino seafarers that are working aboard ships, away from their families.

Marineros Movie Plot

The story revolves around the Marisol family, headed by Dennis who lives a comfy life with his family in Bohol, thanks to the lucrative salary he earns onboard a tanker ship. Due to his work, he misses almost all of their special family occasions and holidays, he didn’t even see his wife alive for the very last time, and the worst scenario he experienced was when he got an accident while he’s on the ship and lost his eyesight.

When he got retired his son named Kent who works in an exhausting environment of a tanker ship become a breadwinner of the family and become the main provider to his father while his other son named Kevin works and live lives a luxurious life as a food server in a cruise ship but very selfish and only think just for himself.

Marineros  Movie Cast

The main character of Dennis was played by a veteran actor named Michael De Mesa. The other cast of the movie are Ms. Valerie Conception as Nerissa Mirasol wife of Kent, Ahron Villena as Kent, John Lucas as Vale Medina a charming young man who captured the heart of Karen (Claire Ruiz), daughter of Dennis, Paul Hernandez as Kevin Mirasol, Alvin Nakasi as Harley Dominguez a simple man and a diligent seafarer, Claire Ruiz as Karen an ideal daughter every parent would wish to have.

She’s taking care of her blind father Dennis,  Jef Gaitan as Maya a sassy and stunning girl who is a total go-getter. She lives by the motto “What Maya wants, Maya gets.” Money is everything she lives for and will get involved with Kelvin. and Anthony Hernandez as Marigold seasoned trans entertainer. She works as a cruise ship performer well-loved by her audiences.

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