Mano Po 3: My Love Full Movie (2004)

Mano Po 3 Movie (My Love) stars Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon as former lovers who accidentally met again after 25 years. Produced by MAQ Productions and directed by Joel Lamangan, this Chinoy love story family drama film won seven major awards at the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival, including Best Picture, Best Actor for Christopher de Leon, and Best Actress for Vilma Santos.

Mano Po 3 Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts in 1959 when a baby girl was born in Fujian, China. But because the mother did not want her baby to the orphanage, she gave it to a Chinese couple who are going to the Philippines. Fast forward at present time, the baby girl was Lilia Chiong Yang (Vilma Santos), a famous anti-crime crusader and wife of Paul Yang (Jay Manalo). The couple now preparing for their 25th wedding anniversary.

But while having a vacation in Thailand, Lilia accidentally saw Michael Lim (Christopher De Leon), her former boyfriend. As a young adult, Lilia (Angelica Panganiban) met young Paul (Patrick Garcia) and Michael Lim (Cogie Domingo), her classmates, and fellow activists. Lilia and Michael fell in love but Paul also likes her. Lilia gets pregnant with Michael but the latter was arrested and he left the country without knowing it.

Lilia met with Michael and she learned that he is now a widow and has no child. And while Michael was trying to win her back, they later both learned that Paul did not give Lilia all of Michael’s letters to her when he left the country. Lilia and Michael had a secret love affair and being a public figure, people, especially in the Chinese community, are starting to know about it. Now, Lilia has to choose between Paul and Michael.

Mano Po 3 Movie Cast

Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Eddie Garcia, Sheryl Cruz, Jay Manalo, Boots Anson-Roa, Patrick Garcia, Angel Locsin, Karylle, Dennis Trillo, Jean Garcia, Angelica Panganiban, John Prats, Carlo Aquino, Amy Austria, Richard Quan, Allan Paule, Jim Pebanco, Tony Mabesa, Menggie Cobarrubias, Serapia Chua, Corazon Tan, Rebecca Chuaunsu, Peter Chua, Elizabeth Chua, Alvin Garcia, Ces Drilon, Tim Yap, Raymond Shuh, Mark Leviste, Bong Bella, Alvin Co, Conrado Leonardo, and many more.

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