Man And Wife Full Movie (2019)

Man and Wife (2019) is a Filipino drama film adaptation of the soap opera series, Gulong ng Palad, created by Lina Flor-Trinidad, and first aired from 1949 to 1956 on the radio.

It was revived and aired successfully on TV from 1977-85 and again from 2006-2009. The basic plot has remained through the revivals with changes in mediums, added cast to accommodate audience preferences, and the title of the film version.

Man And Wife Movie Plot

Carding and Luisa are sweethearts who disobey their families’ wishes by marrying despite their differences in social standing. Carding is the son of the town mayor, Menang Medel, who turns into a ruthless and humiliating mother-in-law to Luisa, a long-suffering and submissive wife.

Luisa, on the other hand, comes from a poor family but relishes deep values and commitment to one another. The stability of the couple’s love and marriage is repeatedly tested by circumstances.

One is the clash between Menang’s abusive mining company that adversely affects the agricultural land operated by Luisa’s brother, Totoy. Another is the sharp choice Carding must make between his wife and his mother who suffers a stroke.

The accumulated conflicts of the years boil over and threaten the deep love they have struggled to preserve, their respective commitments to their families, and their own conscience.

Man And Wife Movie Cast

Gabby Concepcion as Carding Medel, Jodi Sta. Maria as Luisa Santos, Liza Lorena as Menang Medel

Man And Wife Full Movie Trailer

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