Makamundo Full Movie (2004)

Makamundo is a 2004 Filipino film directed by Baldo Marro and written by Buddy Palad. It stars Czarina Polma, Joko Diaz, Rose Valencia, and Gardo Versoza as the leads. Produced by White Zenia Films, it is a dramatic movie on the topic of forbidden love.

Makamundo Movie Plot

Joko Diaz plays Zaldo, an ordinary jeepney driver with a nagging mother Aling Meding (Daria Ramirez) who always gives him unsolicited advice on how to succeed in life. Czarina Polma stars as Chona, a beautiful but disapproving woman whom Zaldo courts.

But Chona is in a relationship with a handsome office worker, Ador (played by Gardo Versoza). Meanwhile, Rose Valencia plays Ester, an owner of a carinderia who is in love with Zaldo.

Chona is ambitious and resentful of her life, especially her mother Talya (Jean Saburit) who is in a relationship with Pastor (Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana) who already has kids. She often scorns Zaldo for being a mere jeepney driver, saying she has no plans to be with a man as poor as she is.

All the while, Ester can’t help but be a bystander and pine for Zaldo who never gives her a second glance. Certain circumstances happened that led both couples to end up married to each other, but with drastically different lives.

Zaldo experiences success as an OFW with help from Ester’s business shrewdness but still secretly in love with Chona. Meanwhile, Chona grows even more resentful of her life with Ador who is unable to give her the life she desires. With Zaldo back and no longer poor, he and Chona tangles in a forbidden relationship driven by their earthly desires and one that leads them to ruin.

Makamundo Movie Cast

Czarina Polma, Joko Diaz, Gardo Versoza, Rose Valencia, Jean Saburit, Daria Ramirez, Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana, Dick Israel, Marites Temple, Ernie Zarate, Lynn Madrigal, Robert Miller, Rhey Roldan, Tony Bagyo, Danny Labra, and more.

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