Machete 2 Full Movie (1994)

Machete 2 is a 1994 erotic-drama Filipino film written and directed by Mauro Gia Samonte. It stars and enselmble cast composed of Rosanna Roces, Gardo Versoza, and Priscilla Almeda.

The film was very successful and catapulted Roces’ stardom.

Machete 2 Plot

A young, struggling couple tries to make ends meet by having the husband pose in the nude for a sex-starved female sculptor. When he dies in a shoot-out, his statue comes to life… but is “he” the property of his wife or of the sculptor?

Machete 2 Cast

Gardo Versoza, Snooky Serna, Rosanna Roces, Priscilla Almeda, Harvey Gomez, Odette Khan, Don Umali,Joboy Gomez

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