Lupe: A Seaman’s Wife Full Movie (2003)

Lupe: A Seaman’s Wife is a 2003 Filipino drama bold movie written by Jraz Diaz and directed by Elwood Perez. It stars Andrea Del Rosario, Jordan Herrera, and Leandro Muñoz amonng others. The film was produced and distributed by Viva Films.

Lupe: A Seaman’s Wife

Lupe (Andrea del Rosario) and Manolo (Leandro Munoz) are a young couple whose marriage is about to undergo a drastic change when Manolo leaves for another country.

Left all alone through uneventful days and empty nights, Lupe tries to suppress her sexual needs. This becomes a challenge when Elmo (Jordan Herrera), an attractive young man, enters her life and awakens her primal urges. Little does she know that her simple act of infidelity will unleash a series of events that will expose Elmo’s true motives for seducing her and unmask Manolo’s dark secret.

Lupe: A Seaman’s Wife cast

Andrea Del Rosario, Jordan Herrera, Leandro Muñoz, Marissa Delgado, Sheree Sheree, Lara Fabregas, Joanne Quintas, Connie Chua, Richard Quan, Danny Ramos, Eddie Arenas, Marietta Caballes, Girlie Alcantara, Jun Papa, Jessette Prospero

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We don’t have a copy of this film but you can watch a similar bold movie below titled “Bakat”. Click  “Watch on YouTube”

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