Luhod sa Harapan Full Movie (2014)

Luhod sa Harapan is a 2014 Philippine independent drama film written and directed by Paul Singh Cudail. The film stars Nino Abel, Benny Andaya, and Cristy Atienza in the leading roles. It was produced and distributed by Silver Line Multi-Media Inc.

Luhod sa Harapan Plot

Carlo, an irascible taxi driver, is having a bad day. His sister Nicole carries a torch for him.

One night, from a deep slumber, he finds her lying beside him. This gets him livid beyond belief. To make matters worse, gay housemate Rolly is likewise pining for his affection. And he’s losing his patience fast.

Luhod sa Harapan Cast

Nino Abel, Benny Andaya, Cristy Atienza, Simon Bismonte, Anthony Cinco, Dennis Cruz, Dustin Jose, Renee Lopez

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