Lovingly Yours Helen: The Movie (1984)

Lovingly Yours Helen: The Movie is a movie based on the second longest-running drama anthology in Philippine television history Lovingly Yours, Helen. It was originally a radio drama and was made into a television drama broadcast by GMA Network.

This movie was created due to the immense popularity of the program. It also consists of a four-part anthology with a different mix of dramas. Helen Vela appeared in the first, second, and last parts of the movie as the narrator. This was also the last movie for Julie Vega as she passed away on May 6, 1985, due to Bronchopneumonia.

Lovingly Yours Helen: The Movie Plot Summary

The first episode was a horror drama which was entitled “Akin ang Walang Diyos”. It is a story about Idda (Julie Vega) who was possessed by the devil after she came home one stormy night. It’s now up to her oldest sister Minerva (Coney Reyes), and her parents Rosa (Anita Linda) and Basiong (Lito Anzures) to help her overcome the devil and strengthen their faith in God as a family. The second episode was a drama entitled “Anak Lamang Ang isinilang”.

Roel Sevilla (Ariosto Reyes Jr.) was a bright college student and a very hardworking boy. He can balance all of this and can still have time to court the apple of his eye, Arlene Madrid (Vivian Foz). All throughout the episode, he was experiencing headaches from mild to worst. What might be the cause of it?

The third episode, Candy was a drama as well, It is a story about Nick Fuentes (Johnny Wilson), a gay father, and his adopted daughter, Candy (Janice de Belen). Despite being gay, he is married to Mrs. Fuentes (Alicia Alonzo). He was closeted at his work because of his position.

One of his employees who secretly hated him found out that he was gay and unfortunately, his daughter heard it. This is a story of unconditional love and how love can change a person if he doesn’t want to.

The last episode was a comedy-drama, Nang Maupos and Kandila about a comedian named Batibot/Caloy (Chiquito) who found and took care of a baby (Sheryl Cruz) left in the street. Despite being positive in life, he found out that his wife, Amanda (Odette Khan) was cheating and his career and his career was also slowly faded. It is a story of a man and his struggles to be a comedian despite his struggles in life.

Lovingly Yours Helen: The Movie Cast

Helen Vela, Coney Reyes, Anita Linda, Julie Vega, Lito Anzures, Joone Gamboa, Sabatini Fernandez, George Calma, Ben Almeda, Monette de Guzman, Alex Cruz, Ariosto Reyes Jr, Vivian Foz, Che-Che, Fred Montilla, Chiquito, Jimmy Santos, Sheryl Cruz, Janice de Belen, and many more.

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