Lodi Full Movie (2018)

Lodi is a 2018 Filippino gay drama film written and directed by Tim Muñoz. It stars JM Martinez, Ace Toledo, and Carlo Mendoza in leading roles. It was produced and distributed by Pink Elephant Productions.

Lodi Movie Summary

A young man fetishizes a local celebrity and goes in pursuit of being intimate with him – every step more brazen and risky. The narrative of the film is carried forward by erotic visuals and suspense.

There is excellent photography of beautiful male bodies and faces and the tropical setting. The leading character expresses his obsessive sexual desire mostly non verbally, with looks and movements of the body. There is little dialogue in the film, which works to its advantage. The film is underscored by very suitable synthesizer music.

There are some comedic scenes as well, with a local celebrity radio presenter delivering the latest gossip with great panache (in Tagalog of course). Watching this film is like being reeled into a dreamlike erotically tantalizing world.

Lodi Movie Cast

JM Martinez, Ace Toledo, Carlo Mendoza, Jonas Olmedo, Eagle Riggs, Mackie Raquiza

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