Little Christmas Tree Full Movie (1977)

Little Christmas Tree Movie is a romantic comedy film starring Da King Fernando Poe Jr and Superstar Nora Aunor. Produced by FPJ Productions and directed by Pablo Santiago, this FPJ-Nora Aunor movie is the Christmas gift of the two giants in Philippine cinema to their avid fans.

In the movie, FPJ plays Andong, a jeepney driver while Nora plays Anacleta Mamarita, or Eklay, a woman who buys empty bottles in exchange for popcorn, living with her Aunt Tarat (Chichay) and younger sister, Azon. Eklay has a suitor named Bakal (Jimmy Santos) but she does not like him for her and prefers him to be just her friend.

Little Christmas Tree Movie Plot

Andong and Eklay first met when Andong went into a drinking session with his friends including Damian (Dencio Padilla), who celebrated his birthday. After everyone was sleeping, Eklay entered the house and took the empty bottles. Andong saw her and thought she was a thief, and grabbed her arms but the latter managed to escape.

Later, the two met again when Andong’s jeep accidentally bumped into Eklay’s cart. Andong and Aklay fought in a comical way along with Aunt Tarat. Afterward, Andong got mad when Aunt Tarat got money from Andong’s jeepney operator more than she should. But for some reason, Andong was forced to marry Eklay via shotgun wedding.

Little Christmas Tree Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Nora Aunor, Chichay, Jimmy Santos, Dencio Padilla, Bibeth Orteza, Vic Varrion, Rudy Meyer, Er ‘Canton’ Salazar, Maritess, Veronica Palileo, and many more.

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