Ligaya: Pantasya ng Bayan Full Movie

Ligaya: Pantasya ng Bayan is a 2002 Filipino drama film written by Dennis C. Evangelista and directed by Armando A. Reyes. It stars Halina Perez, John Apacible, and Leandro Baldemor in main roles and was produced and distributed by Leo Films.

Ligaya Pantasya ng BayanLigaya: Pantasya ng Bayan Movie Plot

The movie tells the story of Ligaya, the wife of Bernard who is an activist. Bernard always leaves Ligaya due to protest activities that he joins. One day, a former acquaintance (mark) who had a crush on her visited her. Days after he left, Bernard was killed in an encounter.

Ligaya’s life started to turn around. Can she survive?

Ligaya: Pantasya ng Bayan Movie Cast

Halina Perez, John Apacible, Leandro Baldemor, Odette Khan, Lito Legaspi, Harold Pineda, Alma Soriano

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