Kung Paano Hinihintay Ang Dapithapon Full Movie

Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon (Waiting for Sunset) stars Perla Bautista, Dante Rivero, and Menggie Cobarrubias, and is a touching story about getting old and asking for forgiveness.

Produced by Cineko Productions and CMB Films Services Inc and directed by Carlo Catu, this critically acclaimed family drama indie film won 5 major awards at the 2018 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Perla Bautista plays Teresa, Menggie Cobarrubias as Celso, and Dante Rivero as Bene. Teresa and Celso have been living together for 27 years as an unmarried couple, while Bene is Teresa’s legal husband. But because of Bene’s mistake in the past, Teresa left him and lived with Celso. From time to time, Celso’s daughter Marissa (Che Ramos) and Tere’s son Chito (Romnick Sarmenta) visit them.

One day, Bene called Teresa and asked for help from her after he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He also asked for forgiveness for all the wrongdoings he has done to her in the past. As a good husband, Celso did not only allow Teresa to help. He also helps Bene in his daily errands.

In the process, Teresa was very kind to Bene and feels lucky that she has still Celso with him, unlike Bene who is afraid to die alone.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon:

2018 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival

* Balanghai Trophy Best Film – Carlo Catu
* Best Screenplay – John Carlo Pacala
* Best Cinematography – Neil Daza
* Best Production Design – Marielle Hizon
* NETPAC Award Main Competition – Carlo Catu

Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon Movie Cast

Dante Rivero, Perla Bautista, Menggie Cobarrubias, Che Ramos, Romnick Sarmenta, Ryan Ronquillo, Jacqueline Cortez, Dunhill Banzon, Stanley Abulac, Monique Kyle Vasquez Monique Kyle Vasquez

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