Kristo Full Movie (1996)

Kristo is a Filipino movie interpretation of the life of Jesus Christ. Directed and produced by Benjamin “M7” G. Yalung and distributed by Cine Suerte Productions and Oasis of Love Movement, the film stars Matt Ranillo III in the title role, alongside an all-star cast. It follows the Bible’s New Testament, and places that narrative in a Philippine setting.

Kristo Movie Plot

The story combines the gospel of Luke, John, Matthew, and Mark, blended into a Classical Filipino society with hints of Ancient Rome and some ethnic elements.

Starting with a prologue that asks what would happen if the New Testament is set in the Philippines; the movie’s narrative begins with an open book that presents the Nativity of Jesus in a number of illustrations.

The film’s live-action scenes then begin 30 years after the last page, starting with John the Baptist making his famous biblical speech and proceeding with the baptismal of the then-unbaptized Jesus Christ in the River Jordan.

Shot in various famous historical landmarks like Luneta, Lawton, and Intramuros, the film then goes through the early life and ministry of Jesus Christ, how he died, and how he got resurrected.

Unlike the Bible, however, the film shows Jesus getting crucified by Jews instead of Roman soldiers. The film then ends with his ascension into heaven, shown alongside a Biblical message and the scene’s illustrated version on the last page of the book.

Kristo Movie Cast

Mat Ranillo III, Ruel Vernal, Conrad Poe, Edgar Mande, Michael Locsin, Rez Cortez, Jorge Estregan, Daniel Fernando, Patrick Dela Rosa, Dindo Arroyo, Romy Romulo, Tom Olivar, Nikki Martel, Rudy Fernandez, Christopher de Leon, Gabby Concepción, Rachel Lobangco, Romy Diaz, Paquito Diaz and many more.

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