Kiskisan Full Movie (2003)

Kiskisan is a 2003 Filipino drama film and bold movie directed by Joven tan and written by Dennis C. Evangelista. The film stars Gardo Versoza, Emilio Garcia, and Halina Perez in the leading roles. It was produced and distributed by Starlight Films.

Kiskisan Plot

Jojo grew up in the house of his wicked grandmother Lola Susana who never taught him to be a rightful person. He became an image of his grandmother: deceitful, arrogant, and avaricious.

He intentionally destroys the lives of his brothers and sister without knowing that his actions just might lead to his own downfall.

Kiskisan Cast

Gardo Versoza, Emilio Garcia, Halina Perez, Anita Linda, Ana Capri,
Allen Dizon, Red Riviera, Glenda Garcia, Mona Lisa, Rustica Carpio, Karen delos Santos

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