Kirot 2 Full Movie (1995)

Kirot 2 is a 1995 Filipino drama film that starred Rosanna Roces and Gardo Verzosa. It was a follow-up to a 1983 movie with Stella Strada, Dennis Roldan, and Edgar Mande as the main cast. The two movies served as stand-alone stories with a similar theme.

The late, Abbo De La Cruz, directed and played a small role in the movie. Seiko Films marketed the film as another reunion for that decade’s two most successful sexy stars — who had worked together on other films such as Machete II (1994) and Kandungan (1995).

Kirot 2 Movie Plot

Olga (played by Roces) is a troubled woman who one day takes Dino (Verzosa’s character) as a tenant. On top of managing an apartment, she attempts to make ends meet in the big city by using her sexuality to sway men into taking care of her material needs. She engages in casual affairs and flings, only to end up hurt and disappointed by how her life has turned out.

Dino comes into the story as a simple-minded yet handsome small-town boy who’s trying his luck away from home, as he searches for work to help his family and eventually marry his innocent and conservative girlfriend, Risa.

He becomes obsessed with Olga and finds himself choosing between his devoted girlfriend and the intriguing woman next door. Soon, their interaction as landlady and tenant turns into a game of seduction where Olga realizes that she is slowly falling in love.

Just when they begin to give in to their feelings for each other, Olga’s past comes back for her as she is hunted down by the people whom she owes money, along with her abusive ex-boyfriend who wants her only to himself.

Kirot 2 Movie Cast

Rosanna Roces, Gardo Verzosa, Gina Pareño, Jeffrey Santos, Jovit, Moya, Archi Adamos, Abbo De La Cruz

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