Kings of Reality Shows Full Movie (2019)

A promising movie project that was supposed to be the first-ever reality movie in the Philippines started production 10 years ago but was inadvertently shelved. The reality film would have starred Ariel Villasanta and Maverick Relova, the rising comedic duo back then.

After the supposed movie was shelved, Ariel and Maverick’s partnership dissolved up to the point they no longer communicated with each other, and so Ariel and Maverick separated ways.  Ariel decided to finish the project without his long-time tag-team partner and embarked on a solo journey to finish The Kings of Reality Shows movie.

He sought help from various friends and politicians so he could buy out the movie rights and finish the film by himself – literally, being the film’s star, writer, editor, producer.

Kings of Reality Shows Plot

The documentary film is mostly a collection of clips and footage from the shelved film where Ariel and Maverick were documenting their journey to crack into the glitzy world of Hollywood and Ariel’s pains and struggles to finish the film while trying to stay humorous.

Looking beyond the political themes that may be inserted and the brand of humor they were known for, which could be dry, blunt, at times offensive, or funny as hell, the film actually gives us a compelling revelation on how the showbiz industry really operates from a point of view of a person who has tasted fame, fallen from grace, and trying to get back up again.

Kings of Reality Shows Cast

The Kings of Reality Shows features guest appearances of some political figures who have helped him like Mayor Sara Duterte, Senator Trillanes, Senator Manny Pacquiao, Mayor Isko Moreno, Cong. Strike Revilla and Chaye Cabal–Revilla; media people like Raffy Tulfo and Mocha Uson; and some celebrities like Coco Martin,  Joey de Leon, Regine Tolentino, Empoy, Jose Manalo, Cristina Decena, Jasmine Trias, the late greats Mr. Eddie Garcia and Mr. German “Master Showman” Moreno.

Kings of Reality Shows Full Movie Trailer

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