Kinatay Full Movie (2009)

Kinatay is a Filipino independent film written by Armando Lao and directed by Brillante Mendoza. The drama film, which premiered at the 62nd Cannes Film Festival in 2009, starred Coco Martin, Jhong Hilario, and Maria Isabel Lopez as the main characters.

Kinatay is Brillante Mendoza’s seventh feature film, having directed other films that won him many international awards. The thriller film was also included in the 2009 Cinemalaya Film Festival.

Kinatay Movie Plot

In the film, Coco Martin plays the role of Peping – a newly-wed criminology student who is eager to earn side profits for his family.

When offered a high-paying job by his friend Abyong (Jhong Hilario), Peping agrees and goes on to collect payments from a drug ring.

But things took a darker turn when the gang went from scaring small-time hoods to kidnapping and torturing a streetwalker named Madonna (Maria Isabel Lopez), who owed one of the gang leaders a sizable amount of money.

The men transported Madonna to an isolated house where they raped and dismembered her, while Peping watched in horror. After the nightmarish operation of the gang, the men tossed out Madonna’s body parts while on their way to a local eatery. Peping, who was still in shock at what transpired, received money for his baby’s milk and headed home to his family.

Kinatay Movie Cast

Coco Martin, Maria Isabel Lopez, Julio Diaz, John Regala, Jhong Hilario, Lauren Novero, Benjie Filomeno, Mercedes Cabral, Allan Paule, Ping Medina, Susan Africa, Lou Veloso, Sofia Lee, Mely Soriano, Ruby Saavedra, Chris Garrido, Raymond Nullan, Mark Meily, and many more.

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