Kiko Boksingero Full Movie

Kiko Boksingero Movie stars Noel Comia Jr, Yayo Aguila, and Yul Servo. Produced by James Robin Mayo and Ferdinand Lapuz and directed by Thop Nazareno, this Pinoy indie drama film won 3 awards at the 2017 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival – Best Original Music Score award for Pepe Manikan, Best Actor award for Noel Comia Jr, and Best Supporting Actress award for Yayo Aguila.

Kiko Boksingero Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Noel Comia Jr plays Francis “Kiko” Arenas, an 11-year old boy whose mother has passed away and is now living with his Yaya Diday (Yayo Aguila) in Baguio while waiting for his relatives in the US to bring him over there. In school, his classmates tease him for not being circumcised and for not having a father. Unknown to Diday, Kiko frequently visits the abandoned house of his father George (Yul Servo), a retired boxer.

In the said house, Kiko trains himself in boxing using the boxing equipment his father had left behind. One day, George returned home and saw his son. At first, the father and son were quite uneasy with each other. But as days pass by, Kiko and George started to bond together through boxing, jogging, and story sharing. George also accompanied Kiko when he gets circumcised. The ending of the movie is very moving.

Kiko Boksingero Movie Cast

Noel Comia Jr, Yayo Aguila, Yul Servo, Denise Soliva, William Buenavente, JM Canlas, and Angel Aquino in a cameo role.

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