Katawan Full Movie (1999)

Directed by Abbo De La Cruz and produced by Viva Films, Katawan is a 1999 Filipino Sexy Thriller movie starring the award-winning actor Christopher De Leon and the sexy and talented actress Rosanna Roces.

The movie’s central theme is about love and forgiveness however portrayed in a remarkably unusual approach, which sets it aside from the conventional thriller movie during its time.

Katawan Plot Summary

Perhaps the most unusual role in the movie, Rosanna Roces plays Carmen, a vengeful soul who later on turns into a human to seek revenge against every heir of Andres’s family, a role portrayed by Bobby Andrews.

The plot of the movie dates back to the American regime where slavery was widespread. Carmen, which was a maid, was taken advantage of by her master, Andres. Since Carmen’s family belongs to a rebel cult, when she died her family vowed to avenge her by annihilating Andres’ “Illustrado” family.

But ironically, the vengeance seemed to have halted when Carmen met Carlo, played by Christopher De Leon, who was unlike any previous heir of the “Illustrado” family. Despite being a kind and caring husband to his wife, Jackie (played by Dindi Gallardo), Carlo discovered that she was having an affair with her friend thus forcing him to leave and return to his family villa in Lucban, Quezon where he met Carmen.

The two fell in love which inevitably ruined Carmen’s original plan. Now her family’s vow to avenge her has pushed aside because of the unexpected turn of events.

Katawan Movie Cast

Christopher De Leon, Rosanna Roces, Bobby Andrews, Leandro Baldemor, Dindi Gallardo, Daniella, Alicia Lane, Alicia Alonzo, Tony Mabesa, Lora Luna, Ama Quiambao, Dante Castro, Jessel Jimenez, Archie Ventosa, Abbo De La Cruz

Katawan Full Movie

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