Kastilyong Buhangin Full Movie (1980)

Kastilyong Buhangin Movie is a love story drama starring Nora and Aunor and Lito Lapid.

Produced by Lotus Films and directed by Mario O’Hara, this Nora-Lito Lapid movie features two childhood friends who faced obstacles while growing up and fell in love with each other but are now worlds apart.

Kastilyong Buhangin Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Oscar (Lito Lapid) and Laura (Nora Aunor) were still young and are the best of friends. One night, Oscar accidentally killed Laura’s cruel uncle. But because Oscar was still underage, he was not sent to prison and was to the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) where he eventually grew up.

On the other hand, Laura was raised by Oscar’s mother and went on with her studies until she grew up and became a member of a singing group, and later went on as a famous solo singer. But as troubles have been attracting Oscar, his love for Laura is also going deeper. However, their difference in status in life is slowly keeping them apart.

Kastilyong Buhangin Movie Cast

Nora Aunor, Lito Lapid, Tonio Gutierrez, Metring David, Allan Bautista, Mario Escudero, Soxy Topacio, Bella Flores, Mely Mallari, Edwin O’Hara, Chiqui del Carmen, Robert ‘Toffy’ Padua, Maila Marcelo, Joel Lamangan, Eddie Nicart, Dexter Doria, and many more.

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