Kasibulan Full Movie (2001)

Kasibulan is a 2001 Filipino drama film written and directed by Cesar S. B. Abella.

The story revolves around the life of Daisy (played by Allona Amor), a high school student who is living with her father and explored a difficult life after her mother died.

Kasibulan Plot

The story starts with the death of Daisy’s mother. Leaving no one but the fisherman’s father, daisy graduate from high school and aims to study education but her father can’t afford it.

Things changed when Daisy offered to be an actress. He left Sinagtala Island and went to the city to pursue her dreams but the reality is far different from her expectation. She became pregnant and things started to become chaotic.

Kasibulan Cast

Allona Amor, Paolo Rivero, Diego Salvador, Venus Varga

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