Kamkam Full Movie (2014)

Kamkam is a 2014 Philippine independent drama film written by Jerry Gracio and directed by Joel Lamangan. The film stars Athena Bautista, Allen Dizon, and Sunshine Dizon in leading roles. It was produced and distributed by Heaven’s Best Entertainment

Kamkam Plot

A study on corrupting power of patriarchy, even among the poor, and how it breeds absolute power that corrupts and destroys families, and relationships.

Johnny (Allen Dizon) is the crime lord in Sitio Cam-cam, a neighborhood of illegal settlers. Salud (Jean Garcia) is his first wife for 22 years and they have three daughters. She is a barangay councilor, and the same time, in charge of the illegal gambling collections. Evelyn (Sunshine Dizon) is his second wife for 20 years, and they have a son Lennon and a daughter Yoko. She is in charge of the illegal water and electricity collections. Everyone lived swimmingly well together in the same area, including Johnny’s permissive mother Ditas (Elizabeth Oropesa), and his gay right-hand man Arthur (Jaime Pebangco).

That is, until that day when Johnny brought home a much younger third wife, the sexy ex-club waitress Shane (Jackie Rice). When she starts to encroach on the collections of the other two wives, trouble begins to brew in Johnny’s little harem. This domestic squabble takes place just when the City Mayor has ordered the demolition of the entire Sitio Cam- Cam to give way to Korean business investors.

Kamkam Cast

Jean Garcia, Sunshine Dizon, Lucho Ayala, Rita De Guzman, Allen Dizon, Hiro Peralta, Joyce Ching, and Elizabeth Oropesa

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