Kalakal Full Movie (2008)

Kalakal is a 2008 Filipino independent drama film written and directed by Jigs Recto. It stars Melissa Mendez, Beejay Morales, and Froilan Moreno. The film was produced and distributed by Star Image Productions.

Kalakal Movie Plot

Kalakal is a story about the disturbing truth of living in a poor neighborhood and the extremities that people can do to make ends meet.
This unvaryingly demonstrates how people will trade their dignity and principles in exchange of nurturing life’s vanities.

Kalakal Cast

Melissa Mendez, Beejay Morales, Froilan Moreno, Katrina Cruz, Chery Domingo, Jersey Milano, Tita Swarding, Ivy Batulahar, Zaree Santillan, Rey Fernando

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