Kahit Buhay Ko Full Movie (1992)

Kahit Buhay Ko Movie is an action drama film starring Rudy Fernandez and Ruffa Gutierrez.

Produced by Reflection Films and directed by Jose N. Carreon, this Rudy Fernandez movie features Daboy as Marco Ramirez, a jeepney driver whose brother is a gambler and is into a lot of trouble.

Kahit Buhay Ko Movie Plot

In the movie, Marco (Rudy Fernandez) and Melgar (Tirso Cruz III) are brothers who have a good relationship. But because of his lifestyle, Melgar is always in trouble.

One day, a group of men tried to kill him but Marco came to defend him. In the event, Melgar was stabbed but survived, while Marco was able to kill the suspect and was sent to jail.

But when Marco was released from jail, he was surprised to know that his girlfriend Ofelia (Ruffa Gutierrez) is now Melgar’s wife. Feeling betrayed, Marco beat up his brother but later accepted his fate. He later learned that Melgar raped Ofelia and so the latter was forced to marry his brother. To add problems, Melgar also became a member of a huge syndicate.

Kahit Buhay Ko Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Ruffa Gutierrez, Tirso Cruz III, Johnny Delgado, Michael De Mesa, Roi Vinzon, Rina Reyes, Anita Linda, Rez Cortez, Zandro Zamora, Renato del Prado, and many more.

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