Island of Desire Full Movie (2022)

Island of Desiure is a 2022 Philippine drama film directed by Joel Lamangan. It stars Christine Bermas, Jela Cuenca, and Sean De Guzman in the lkeading roles.

The film was produced by Viva Films and was released on April 1, 2022, through the online streaming platform Vivamax. Island of desire is considered a modern Pinoy bold movie.

Island of Desire Plot

Christine Bermas, Sean de Guzman, Jela Cuenca and Rash Flores

Island of Desire Plot

A nurse is assigned to work on an island called Isla Bato, where men treat women with lust. As she experiences the people’s madness, she plans a way to get out of the island.

A young woman named Martha (Christine Bermas) is assigned to work remotely on an island called “Isla Bato.” She becomes a nurse at its Regional Health office, and she also befriends some of the residents, Tess (Jela Cuenca), a midwife on the island, and Leloy (Sean de Guzman), a Habal rider. Being a constant companion, Leloy becomes closer to Martha, and they end up falling for each other.

As she stays longer on the island, she begins to discover strange things about the place and its secrets, including a cult with fanatic followers and an abusive leader. Here is where she also reunites with her long-lost sister, who warns her and tells her to escape the place while she can.

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