Ilusyon Full Movie (2005)

Ilusyon is a 2005 Filipino drama film directed by Ellen Ramos and Paolo Villanueva. It stars Yul Servo, JC Parker, and Jennifer Lee in leading roles.

It was written by Villanueva and Job Red and produced and distributed by Pelipula Productions, Pollen Productions, and Viva Digital.

Ilusyon Movie Plot

Ilusyon tells the story of Miguel, a young man from the countryside, who decides to visit his father Pablo, a Modernist painter in Manila.
Upon his arrival, he discovers that his father has decided to leave for the province, but he decides to stay in Manila and have a vacation.

One day he meets Stella, a nude model originally scheduled to pose for Miguel’s father. Struck by her beauty, Miguel does the unthinkable: he pretends to be his painter father; they start and develop a relationship based on his lie.

Suddenly Stella contracts a strange skin disease that repels Miguel. Surrounded by strange characters, a talking cow, a talkative mailman, and a nosy landlady, Miguel is driven into a frenzy realization about beauty, lust, love, and being true to oneself.

An ambiguous ending underlines the surreal tone of the film.

Ilusyon Movie Cast

Yul Servo, JC Parker, Jennifer Lee, Ronnie Lazaro, Bella Flores, Bituin Escalante, Archi Adamos, Bodjie Pascua, Raul Morit, Gary Rada, Boots Anson-Roa, Anita Linda

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