Ikaw at Ako at ang Ending Full Movie (2021)

Ikaw at Ako at ang Ending is a 2021 Philippine drama film written and directed by Irene Villamor. The film stars Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles, and Kakki Teodoro.It was produced by Viva Films and was distributed by Vivamax.

Ikaw at Ako at ang Ending Movie Plot

Martin (Jerald Napoles) just stole a bag full of cash from his employer and was on the run. He decided to hide from his pursuers in a resort way up north in Ilocos Norte. Upon checking in, Martin’s attention was immediately caught by Mylene (Kim Molina), one of the housekeepers there.

The two immediately hit it off with each other and shared their life stories as they get more intimately acquainted. However, it soon became evident that their time in their corner of paradise was about to end so they had to get going and move on.

The story is a variation of the familiar “you and me against the world” type of love story. They met each other when they were at a critical crossroads in their respective lives that did not exactly make romance a feasible option for either one of them. However, as they say, love will find a way.

Martin and Mylene both wanted to turn their backs on their broken old lives. Fate intervened for them to meet and made it possible for them to hope for a new life together, even when dire circumstances were not exactly in their favor

Ikaw at Ako at ang Ending Movie Cast

Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles, Kakki Teodoro, Rainier AlvarezMalay Javier, Toni Carag, Carrie Ann Lao Pasion, Mark Vincent Gamet, Princess May Aglipay, Erjeleen Mata, Jade Valen Pacag, Richard Tamayo, Bryan James Gamit, Santiago Gonzales Jr., Erika Joi H. Guerrero, Michelle Acibo Martinez, Russel James Thomas, Joanna Castro, Benly Academia, Michael Abanto, Michael Tolentino, Christian Cadena Agaran, Pepito Valles Damasco Jr., Gieanne Marie Palacay, Arvin Brioned, Patrick Pacheco, Renato A. Balagot, Mariz Domingo, Ancher Anthony Cua IV

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