Ibibigay Ko Ang Lahat Full Movie (1999)

Released on May 26, 1999, Ibibigay Ko Ang Lahat is a Filipino drama film starring Sunshine Cruz, Raymond Bagatsing, and Julio Diaz. Under the direction of Tata Esteban, the film is written by Dennis Evangelista, Imelda Gabriel, and Esteban.

The film is Cruz’s 32nd film in a career spanning 28 years. The movie is about a young woman’s dream of becoming rich no matter what it takes. But despite having it all, emptiness still hounds her as she can’t have the man she loves.

Ibibigay Ko Ang Lahat Movie Plot

The movie follows the exploits of Lucy, played by Sunshine Cruz, a young woman tired and jaded from their poverty-stricken life. Risking her mother’s wrath, she decides to leave home and vows to get rich and get her family out of their misery. She gets a job as a maid and sets her eyes on her employer’s handsome son, Mark, played by Raymond Bagatsing.

Lucy then resorts to diabolical means like deceit and treachery just to have Mark in her life. When her attempt to seduce Mark failed, she accuses him of rape, and he was forced to marry her to avoid trial and getting jailed.

The marriage to Mark entitled Lucy to the family’s wealth. Expecting a happy reunion with her family, she returns home only to fend off by her mother.

The marriage to Mark might have given her the wealth she wanted, but Lucy is still unhappy as Mark loathes her. Miserable, she seeks refuge in the arms of the family’s driver, Teddy, played by Julio Diaz. Revenge in her mind, she forms a plan and conspires with Teddy to take everything away from Mark. Things go for the worse when Mark’s mother dies and Lucy gets pregnant.

Ibibigay Ko Ang Lahat Movie Cast

Sunshine Cruz, Raymond Bagatsing, Julio Diaz, Lucita Soriano, Olga Natividad, Connie Chua, Idda Yaneza, Alma Lerma, Joanne Hernandez, Susan Lopez, Andy Cabrera, Kathy Suarez, and many more.

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